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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 20, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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fromllo, welcome to live paris. let's take a look at what is making headlines this afternoon. 47 people go on trial in turkey, accused of attempting to kill last july.nt forcescoalition of iraqi begin their assault on the western part of mosul as they continue to battle against the group who have held the city for more than two years. issues reassuring
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words to hear appeal leaders that the trump administration will not abandon them. ♪ anchor: we begin in turkey where a small tourist town has become a high-security zone. people are accused of trying to bring down the president. the charges relate to an attempted coup in july of last year. let's get now more. what are the accused supposed to have done? well, the men will go on trial.
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and allegedly, the soldiers who -- the coupd attempt last year. if --ere ordered that they were to shoot him. his hotelrs stormed and shot two guards but didn't manage to radiohead and president are doing managed to take off and fly back to assemble. they are charged with subversion, attempted assassination of the president and forming an armed terrorist group. interesthere is much as to whether the trial will indeed reveal who is behind the coup. >> yes. this will be interesting. boardwalk, while the
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coup was taking place, said the coup had been staged by followers of the turkish islamic cleric who lives in pennsylvania. now he himself has denied involvement in the coup although he has acknowledged that some of his followers might have been involved. the president -- expedition to the united states. it was unlikely that glenn had masterminded the plots. he had a disconnected movement. theyhe european union said thought that there were three groups of soldiers behind the plot. some of them were regular -- secularist soldiers and a third were off
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futuristic -- a third were opportunistic. if some of the 44 people who are on trial -- three are missing. they take to the witness stand i didy yes, i did it but it for this reason or that reason, the government will be most unhappy. it has never acknowledged that non-gullah nests were involved in the plot. and if some say they were not, the train tomine get expedited from the united states. anchor: thank you. a coalition of iraqi soldiers and police have launched a massive offensive against the islamic state group in mosul.
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operation follows previous military operations to retake the east of the city. however, it did prove to become complicated. in the meantime, the americas new secretary of defense had statements earlier. the west mosul operation is underway, in terms of isolating the area for some time. the u.s. forces continue in the same role that they were in in east mosul. and the coalition forces are in support of this operation and we will continue with the accelerated effort to destroy isis. anchor: and we have more. >> [no audio]
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[indiscernible] 120 square kilometers. assistance has been limited. there have been car bombs laid. as they approached the area --elf, we will see [indiscernible] areor: what challenges these coalition soldiers going to face? >> in the western quarter, it is densely packed. estimates of 750 civilians still trapped in there. this has become extremely difficult. anchor: the u.s. vice president
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mike pence is in brussels. he has been meeting eu leaders and will be meeting nato leaders. mike pence saying he will push russia to honor the -- in ukraine. the u.s. will only cooperate will moscow if it benefits the american people. has been holding a press conference in the last few hours. let's hear what they have to say. >> the united states commitment to the european union is steadfast. president trump and i look forward to working with you and the european union to deepen our political and economic partnership. butre separated by a notion we are joined by a common heritage. and by a common commitment to
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freedom and democracy and the rule of law. and we are confident that the bond will injure and grow. >> agree on one thing. idea of nato is not obsolete. just like the value which lies at the foundation. the united states, wholehearted -- equivocal support for a united europe. would be a worse place if europe were not united. reassuring words there from mike pence. but is that going to be enough? two ease concern a month european leaders? >> he said some things that the
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leaders want to hear. the new administration has a unequivocal support for the union which is extraordinary. extraordinary that he wanted to reaffirm the u.s. commitment to which iscooperation important because the administration is considering terrorists on european exports. but the main thing is that although mike pence and rex tillerson and james madison have been in europe for the past several days, saying things that sound reassuring, european leaders still don't know whether they have the ear of donald trump and whether what they are saying is an accurate reflection of what trump is saying. possiblecoming up with nominees to the u.s. ambassador to the european union, who has compared the eu to the soviet union and who has said he would like to see it collapse. so despite the reassuring
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statements, european leaders are still worried that they could be seeing a u.s. of ministration that is hostile to the idea of the european union and would like to see it break up. president wille be meeting the nato secretary general later. what are we expecting to have come out of that? it is important that in mike pence's earlier conference, a lot of what he said was about defense and security. he talked about reassuring the integrity of ukraine and forcing in theto participate peace cycle. so it will reassure some of those countries, especially in eastern europe who are extremely worried about donald trump's closeness to the russian government. as they do have a fear of russian aggression in that. james mathis was here on thursday and it did cause consternation among those countries when he said that the
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u.s. might moderate his commitment to nato which means to spend less money on it unless it european nations step up to the plate. only four of five countries are spending the gdp depending on how they measure it. james mathis stepped back from that the next day and said he didn't see any circumstances the u.s. would moderate but those issues are there. especially those in eastern europe. they want to know more about what trumps real relationship with russia is. thank you. in other news, diplomatic fallout from the assassination of kim jong-un's half-brother continues, creating new tension between north korea and malaysia. the malaysian investigation into the airport death is politically motivated and they are now .alling for a joint probe
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relations between malaysia and north korea are on the rocks. malaysia, one of the few countries to maintain close diplomatic ties with north korea, has recalled its .mbassador in protest it also some of the north korean ambassador to explain allegations. it has been seven days since the incident. but there is not clear evidence on the cause of the death and at get becausee cannot of death by the malaysian government. >> tensions began rising when malaysia refused north korean .emands to hand over the body
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north korea denies any familial ties between the two. they had thought to prevent malaysian officials from carrying out an autopsy. results are expected to be released this week. >> once the forensics are comfortable that they have the cause that contributed to the deaths, then release the investigation. once we have the information, there is no reason for us to withhold the investigation. >> investigators suspect he was poisoned while waiting in the lobby. they have detained for individuals and are looking for four more. north korea says they are cooperating with the search. anchor: marine le pen is visiting lebanon where she has been meeting with the nation's president.
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the national front leader is hoping to burnish her differentials ahead of the french april presidential election. my correspondent has been speaking with some of supporters. >> at the entrance, you can't miss the statue. it comes from an established local tennessee. originally, the idealism of the sponsored by fascism. >> this symbolizes the idea of preserving the dominance of the christians from the economic point of view. it is a bit like that. a national front supporter lebanese. a
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she has acquired lebanese nationality. as a journalist for the catholic far right newspaper, she is delighted to see marine le pen scoring points. >> it is very favorable terrain. people are attached to france and the values of the defense. under their history, they understand that the national front is the obvious preference for us. the christians of lebanon, it is also obvious. >> supporting marine le pen isn't always easy, especially with a proposal to prohibit dual nationality. son, who wants to join the lebanese army, the choice is clear. >> i would choose my lebanese nationality. i live here and it is my native country. i would prefer not to have to
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make the choice. my blood i am also french. >> it would be a dilemma faced by nearly 70,000. perhaps enough to convince some who would otherwise be supporters, not to vote on the far right. for thetime now business news. brian has joined us in the studio. a major turnaround for a planned corporate takeover in europe? tines has dropped its bid to take over european rival unilateral. thees took a hit following news, trading down between 6%-8% today. -- on friday,er they turned down craft tines buyout offer of one hundred 40 $3 billion.
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craft has planned to push ahead but the pushback over the weekend was enough to convince majority stakeholders that a public hostile takeover wasn't worth the bad publicity. and finance ministers from around the eurozone are meeting in brussels this afternoon to try to make a deal to unlock the latest block of bailout cash for greece. athens is resisting new austerity measures to meet budgetary measures. there is also disagreement between the imf and the creditors on what the target should be. greece could find itself defaulting on the debt it owes and it could raise the possibility of it leaving the eu . anti-eu parties have been gaining ground and that pressure is now on to stabilize that ahead of critical national elections this spring. enough for a look at the markets. european and are mixed by midday.
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dax is up .5%. the cap carranza is under the front line. the four-day international defense exhibition got underway in abu dhabi. it is their middle east largest when the and it comes world wide web and straight had the highest level since the cold war. >> 1200 35 firms from 57 countries and more than 100,000 visitors. the international defense exhibition and conference is the largest in the middle east. this comes as demand for weapons in the region is under rise amid growing international stability. >> now with the escalation and the u.s., definitely, we will see those
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countries pay more attention. >> the united arab emirates announced on sunday that 21 deals worth more than 1.1 billion dollars with local and foreign companies. among the weapons on display here are fighter jets and armored vehicles used in the campaign in syria and drones in the saudi led war in yemen. despite falling international oil prices, ulf countries have increased their defense spending. among the largest military spenders in the world with the defense representing economy.f total state aretop exporters globally the west with a market share followed by china and germany.
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these countries account for three quarters of global exports of heavy weapons. >> let's look at more business headlines. amazon pledges to create 5000 jobs during 2017. it will take the total job forced to 24,000. company representatives will provide faster delivery and greater value. uber's ceo has ordered an internal investigation into sexual harassment and gender bias at the company. an account by a former employee -- the ceo says he has instructed his human resources chief to conduct an urgent investigation. finally, if you hate long goodbyes, you won't be a fan of the eu's plan for the brexit negotiations. eu negotiators plan to spend until next christmas working out
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britain's divorce from the union. that is before any trade deal can be discussed. eu wants to settle a 60 billion euro exit bill from the u.k.. that represents a major delay in britain's plan to have a new trade deal in place by the end of 2018. britain is expected to invoke article 50 . anchor: wow. a big goodbye. and a longngagement divorce. >> time now for the press review. time to take a look at what is making headlines around the world. i'm joined in the studio. >> hello. >> there has been much hilarity after donald trump invented a terror attack in sweden this weekend. >> donald trump now has clarified that he actually was
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speaking about "general rising ."ime ." this prompted the swedish embassy to ask what on earth was going on and a former swedish leader even wondered what donald trump was smoking. what is interesting is that there have been reports that this isn't the first time that the good-natured swedes have been ruffled by trump. their dislike for him goes well this weekend'sre events. trump's policies go against the fabric of swedish society. on things like immigration. looksrticle from the post at attitudes towards presidential candidates. and as you can see behind me, 6% ofthe swedes had confidence trump. this compare to well over 20% for countries like italy.
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anchor: trump has been confusing this week. his vice president has been in munich for a security conference. >> that's right. the first meeting between mike pence and leaders. the meeting has become less about the political divide between right and left and more about the divide retreat the liberal cosmopolitan society and the xina phobic authoritarian one that we are seeing emerge in different parts of the world. this is highlighted between the divide of marine le pen in france and the independent candidate. -- has managed to take advantage of a political vacuum in france created by scandals. and he is proving a foil to the far right populace. but time will only tell if the here to stay.
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anchor: another big story making headlines. the offensive to take the western part of mosul, it could mark a turning point in the campaign. >> the guardian reports that this is -- over half a million people are trapped in the city and the guardian describes devastating humanitarian conditions with lack of food supplies and drinking water and electricity. riverf the five -- on the have been blown up, essentially trapping people in the west of mosul. there was an interesting piece about the fact that the islamic state groups have actually been preparing for this battle for many months now. and in the past 2.5 years they have been recruiting members for sleeper cells in the city. while the west, the war for the west is being conducted by
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professional counterterrorism forces. in the east it is a hodgepodge mix of different groups. and in this chaos, the islamic state group has been able to flourish. >> a change of pace. moving across the atlantic to brazil. where carnaval is kicking off. it is taking place during a very turbulent time. >> that's right. will they cancel carnaval? that is what the new york times is wondering. the country is going through an enormous political and economic townsence and at least 48 have cancel festivities this year. they are diverging funds towards buying a new ambulance. mid-corruption, nationwide protests, the olympic euphoria being over, it is quite a different atmosphere this
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year. >> something that is close to my heart, because it used to be my favorite as a kid, monopoly. ratherre is something controversial happening with the board game? >> if you are like a loyalist, like many of us are. who love monopoly, this may not please you. the beloved board game has held an internet poll to decide which tokens get the ax -- get the ax. and they have called it a day on the symbol. that was one of the original pieces in the monopoly board when it was first released. in now are supporters are favor of more modern tokens. is part of their attempts to modernize the game. last year they released a cashless version when you could play with credit cards.
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the new token will be announced on world's monopoly day. >> why change something like that? i don't get it. if you want to take a look at the stories, you can head to our website. qéaçññueeewep@1@1pxxxxç
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